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I will be taking a break from raising galahs and eclectus for a while.  I'd like to direct you to some great breeders who may have galah and eclectus babies for you.

For galahs, please contact:

John Aynes at or

For eclectus, please contact:

Lisa Woodworth at

Laurella Desborough at

You might check in with me because I may know of eclectus babies available through other breeders.  

Thank you, dear friends.  

Susie Christian

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Susie Christian

From A Guide to Eclectus Parrots:

Susie Christian began breeding birds in 1978, starting with Cockatiels. She purchased a pair of Vosmaer's Eclectus 10 years later and was besotted with their sheer beauty and elegance. Her Eclectus Parrot collection grew with this and another five subspecies.

With colleague Dale Thompson, Susie did extensive research into the Eclectus subspecies including hands-on rearing experiences. Amongst her own breeding experiences Susie has fostered fertile Eclectus eggs to infertile pairs, who hatched and reared the young perfectly. Recently she established a colony aviary set-up housing Vosmaer's and Solomon Island Eclectus in an effort to enable them to pair bond naturally. Susie allows Jasper, her pet Aru Island Eclectus cock, free roam of her home. Jasper has proven the ability of the Eclectus to talk. He also raises his own young in the nest box located next to Susie's computer.

To date Susie has raised some 400 Eclectus Parrot chicks. Dale and Susie contributed to the Taxonomy and Identification of Subspecies sections.

Click for ordering information: A Guide to Eclectus Parrots (Revised Edition)

About Susie Christian

Origins and Natural History of the Eclectus Parrot

By Dale R. Thompson & Susie Christian
Origins and natural history of the Eclectus Parrot,
Origins and natural history of the Eclectus Parrot, distribution and migration maps, and subspecies.

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